Leningrad Symphony, its distinctive features

Leningrad Symphony, its distinctive features

All methodological developments are also published on the website of the Prosveshchenie Group of Companies.

Methodical recommendations for organizing and conducting thematic lessons according to the Calendar of educational events timed to state and national holidays of the Russian Federation, memorable dates and events of Russian history and culture.  

«Artek» is a children’s center with an official international status. At the moment, it is the largest children’s center in the world, which confirmed its membership in the International Association of Children’s Camps (ICF) in 2016. From the very beginning, Artek began to develop as an international center for children’s diplomacy. 

The activities of «Artek» as an international center for children’s diplomacy are understood as a system of educational, educational and public events aimed at acquainting children with the history and cultural diversity of countries and peoples, developing competencies in the field of interaction with international organizations and the implementation of international humanitarian projects, as well as personal communication young Artek members from different countries.

Since September 2019, the Yekaterinburg Gymnasium «Coryphaeus» has been involved in a project to personalize education. Now in Russia it is being tested in 10 regions. In the Sverdlovsk region, 4 educational organizations work in this direction.

Personalized learning is aimed at the result of each child, and not at the cost of the teacher’s time and topics, formally «passed» by the class.Read More