Why Your Tinder Photos Suck (And Exactly How to correct Them)

Why Your Tinder Photos Suck (And Exactly How to correct Them)

Guys frequently complain they get not many (or no) fits on Tinder and 99.9999per cent of this time, it is because their photos suck.

So what does A tinder photo look that is good like? Begin with my massive (free) Tinder guide – we cover how exactly to simply simply just take better photos, simple tips to pose better, what things to wear within a photoshoot, etc.

And who the hell have always been we, why wouldn’t you tune in to my advice on using better Tinder photos?

Here’s my proof – how I’ve gotten laid/dated females, with loads of photos and vids.

Here’s my proof I’m sure simple tips to just take good photos – I’m a photographer that is professional.

Here’s the pictures i personally use presently:

Let’s get going.

Because of this test, I put up a feminine tinder profile making use of certainly one of my friends-with-benefit’s pictures (she ended up being cool along with it). Together she and I also had over 1000 male Tinder pages so that you can place this short article together. It took me personally about 14 days, taking care of it for 5 or more hours just about every day. I discovered that therefore numerous guys simply repeat exactly the same errors as one another, and I also had been going to distil it right down to about 14 mistakes everyone else keeps saying.

Therefore similar and samey had been 99% of this pages, myself starting to go insane from having to see the same crap over and over and over again; it really gave me a hell of a lot of insight into what girls have to go through that I found.Read More