Does he text you when he’s busy?

Does he text you when he’s busy?

That he wants to talk to you and isn’t just doing it to kill time if he texts you even though he’s busy, this means. That is a definite indication which he likes you over text.

If he keeps texting even if the discussion slows or there’s absolutely nothing much else to say, sometimes dudes might seem like they’re uninterested due to the fact they’re bad at texting or sidetracked.

In cases like this, you’ll know he likes you though he has nothing left to say if it’s clear that he’s trying to keep the conversation even.

If he’s constantly the very last someone to deliver a note or if he changes the topic and asks leading questions once your discussion has gone cold, he’s most likely into you.

8. So how exactly does he speak about other girls he’s dating?

If he talks about spending some time with other girls and does not inform you that they’re simply his friends, then that is a poor sign which he doesn’t see you the way you’d like and you also could be when you look at the friend zone.

That isn’t a deal breaker you need to change his view of you if you need him to see you as any such thing aside from a pal.

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